"This Little Family Will be the Greatest in My Church"

June 21, 2003

What I am doing with this My little family is this: I have been looking for a person, in whom I will live and through whom I will let My Glory, My Love shine like the sun, more than the sun, on he whole world, on the whole of My creation in Heaven and on earth. I found this in My Mother, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. She gave Me all she is and has, and I gave her all I have and I am. We are one, I am one with her. The clearest representation of this our oneness is the oneness in Love, oneness in the Heart, union in the Heart. I remain forever thankful to Her, My Most Blessed Mother.

Now I have been looking for the person, in whom this union this oneness of Love, oneness of the Hearts in Love, will live and through whom it will shine like the sun, and more than the sun, in the whole world, in the whole of My creation, in Heaven and on earth. And I have found this in you. I sent you into this world just for this reason, to love and live and pray and preach this oneness of Love, union of hearts of Love, which is also union with the Most Blessed Trinity.

Now, as you prayed to Me asking Me to give helpers for this great mission, this work which I have given you to do, I have chosen people who will have great Love of Me and who will work with you. From these people I mean to form a family, a stable, a steady family, a solid family, which will be the foundation of the renewal of My Church and My creation in the Love. This Love which has its origin in the Most Blessed Trinity and which is the same Love in the Two Hearts ever united in Love and which is the same Love in you:  and this is the same Love which I have planted in this little family of Love.

I am always beginning little and new. I am always renewing My Church and My creation. This family will be an unflinching support for you in your mission - this work. They are your co-workers. They are My family and they are in the family of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. This family receives and bears and spreads the Love of the Most Holy Trinity. This family is not God. God is one in Three Divine Persons.

This family is a little family, but I have great things for this family. When they live My Love they will be the greatest Family in My Church, in the world. They are to receive My Love and radiate My Love in the whole world. Wherever they are, the presence of My Love will be felt. All who see them will know that this is a blessed Family - the Family of Love, of the Hearts of Love, of the Two Hearts of Love, of the Most Holy Trinity of Love.

This family has to know that she is special unto the Lord, but at the same time must remain simple, pure, holy, humble, uncontaminated. Their wills will have to be united with My Holy Will and they have to be one as I am one with My Mother, the Two Hearts ever united in Love; as I am one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of oneness must live in them, not the spirit of division and separation, no matter where they are, they have to be one. One in heart, one in soul, one in body, one in work, one in prayer, one in work. My son, please make them one, make sure that they are one. They must be one to fulfil my purpose. Take full control and make sure that they are one. Through their oneness they will be universal.

They have always to be united with you, their Father, their Love. They have to be united with My Mother, their Mother, their Love. They have to be always united with Me, their Lord and God, their All. They have to be always united with My Father, their Father, the One Father in Heaven. They have to be united with My Holy Spirit, their Holy Spirit, who inspires and strengthens them and is their advocate everywhere, all times.

I mean to pour My Glory into them. This is why I require them to be always adoring Me in the Most Blessed Sacrament. During the adoration I pour My Love steadily into them, I pour My Glory steadily into them, I pour My Life steadily into them, I transform them into My Light of Love, I transform them into My people, My family, My workers, My instruments of Love. I change them into flaming fires of Divine Love. I bring them deep into My Heart of Love. I let My blood flow into them and I let them flow in Me. They draw life from Me. The Life they live is no longer their ordinary lives but My Love, My Life of Love, Life lived in union with Me in Love. What I do with them during adoration is what I do with my angels and saints in Heaven. Adoration is earthly Heaven. Life of adoration on earth is life of an earthly Heaven.  

My son, encourage them to live this life always. If they live this life as I want them to live, prosperity in grace will be theirs, prosperity in holiness will be theirs, prosperity in all the blessings of heaven and earth will be theirs. The enemy will do all things possible to distract them, to disturb them. It will even bring storms and quakes and all sorts of things to distract them, but please reassure them, that they are absolutely protected in My Hearts of Love. Let them not be disturbed. Just as the enemy is trying to               

disturb this message, I am giving you now, but has not and will not succeed. So will he try to distract and disturb them, but will never succeed as long as they remain united with Me in Love. My Love is almighty. My Almighty power shows itself most especially in Love. Let them know what they are for Me, for you, for the Church, for the whole world. Especially let them know, what they are for you in this Mission. Their reason for existing is this mission. Tell them all. They are ever to be united in Love with you. Let nothing and let nobody, no matter who, no matter what, let no situation, nothing whatsoever, separate them from you. You are Love, you are Father.

Their union with you is union in pure and holy Love, like the union I have with My Mother. You are their Father, their Mother their sister their brother, they are your mother, your sister your brother. Go to them. They are waiting. Be one with them and remain united with them in pure and holy Love of the Hearts of Love of the Most Blessed Trinity. They are your family. I love them, as I love you and I want them to love Me as you Love Me. Tell them all this.

Every day I will be giving you messages for them. I love them, I love them, I love them. I love them. I Love them. I love them especially because they are united with My Love. They are one in My Love. My Love, My Love, My Love. Love them all with My love. My Love is their Life, their existence, their glory, their salvation, their eternal and their all. I am All for them. I am Love for them. Let them be all for Me. When they do all I tell them, they will be all for Me. I Love them, My Love. My Love, love them with My Love, with all My Love. Go to them, they are waiting.

Be My Love among them, in them and through them. I will let the whole world know that I am God Love, the God of Love. I will let My Glory shine through them. I will establish the Reign of My Love through them. Let them remain steadfast in prayer, in Love, in Adoration, in union in Love. With Me, with the Father, with the Holy Spirit, with My Church, with My Mother Mary, with all my angels and saints, with you, My Love. Go to them.  

My Son, I thank you for saving My House, My Family. I thank you, I will bless you forever and ever. I will bless My Family forever and ever. I will bless My House with My eternal blessings. Let My Family, My House, My People live the life they should live and I will bless them with My eternal blessings of Love and prosperity in grace. They will not lack anything, which they need for life, for work. They may not have luxuries, but they will never lack anything, which they need for life and apostolate. Their life is prayer. Their apostolate is prayer. Their life is Love. Their apostolate is Love. They are to teach all the prayer of Love, the Life of Prayer, the Apostolate of Prayer of Love, the Work of Love. My son, let nothing worry you. You will see, what I will do with this House, My House, Your House. You will see, what I will do with this Family, My Family, your Family. Be calm but vigilant.

Do not be afraid to lead My Family. Do not be afraid to take decisions. Do all I tell you. My Son take the decisions according to My Spirit, My Love, My Will and I will supply all the graces and means needed to execute them. Take full control of this House and restructure it to suit My Purpose, the Life and Apostolate of the Hearts of Love.  


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