The main teaching -

Vigil, on Friday, 1. 5. 2020, at Holy Mountain

by rev. Fr. Montfort Okanwikpo, SHL


The  main teaching of the Prayer of the Two Hearts of Love is teaching the whole world to prostrate and adore God.

My dear brothers, my dear sisters,

Our vocation of Love is primarily Love, shown to God by obedience to His most holy and adorable will. “If you love me,” says the Lord, “keep my commandments” Love is primarily love shown to God. There is the vertical and the horizontal dimension: love of God and love shown to your neighbour, to all souls. Who is my neighbour? My neighbour is not only the person on my right, my neighbour is anybody in need. Anybody who needs love and there is nobody, no human being who doesn’t need love, there is no person, who doesn’t need love. Christ Himself cried on the cross: “I thirst!” So we shall never allow them to secularize make love a worldly thing. No, no! What we are doing is heavenly, it is spiritual.

Eternal Father speaks: “I love you with my eternal love, I have sent you into the world to love me and love all with my love, the love of God. Please don’t love with your own love. Your love brings nothing. Your human love is not only impure, it is too small, it is almost useless. Without me you can do nothing. The love you should show people is God’s love. Bring people to the love of me. Let the whole world realize what love is. Love is of God. Tell them that they can never secularize and desecrate love.”

Why? Love is a person. Love is not something you can take. Love is not orange or banana, which you can take it. Love is person. Love is not a thing or feeling. Love is God. Love is Divine Love. They can not desecrate God. They can not secularize God. My God, My Love, My All, thank you. Oh, my God!

All they try to do to remove love from God, make it animal, homo, sin. They call it love. Make it sex. But that love can never be love, it is all in vain. All their efforts will come to nothing, every effort which people do to secularize love will come to nothing.

The same thing, here, Ugwu-Nso must remain the spiritual centre for all hearts. You can’t secularize it, you can’t remove God from it. You cant remove Blessed Sacrament from this Ugwu-Nso. You cant. You can’t remove Mass from Ugwu-Nso. You cant. Nobody can do it. Nobody can do it. Any effort to remove the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Mass from Ugwu-Nso will come to nothing. Remember, the worst danger to the existence of the Lord, said the Lord, is what some foolish people think: abolition of the Holy Eucharist, Holy Mass.

Any day the Catholic Church stop celebrating Holy Mass, that day, there is no more world. The whole world will go up in flames and be destroyed. Oh, Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All.

Now, the love of God will arise and shine among them. That is what we are praying for: Lord, come in glory. Second coming cannot be from outside, He is already here. Lord, please manifest your glory.

And I want to assure you, if we do his will especially prostrating and not allowing anybody to come here unless you can prostrate. You must prostrate. They will fight us, but God will speak and confirm what we are insisting as coming from him. All we see the splendour and glory of the Love of God.

“Be what you are, all you need to do is my most holy and adorable will, that is all.”

Once you do the will of God, don’t fear anybody or anything. Fear only the person who is greater than God. Who is that? Nobody. Prayer, prayer, prayer, adoration, adoration, adoration, Mass, Mass, Mass. Shine! Shine! Unalloyed obedience to the will of God. There is no hiding in secret. Once you do it, do it perfectly. If our God send us to do this, that we have nothing to fear or anybody. Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All.

“My love, with this prayer you teach the whole world to prostrate.” The main teaching of the prayer of the Two Hearts of Love is teaching the whole world to prostrate and adore God. This prayer is indelible, infinite, eternal, absolute, unbendable, unchangeable, uncompressible teacher of adoration. Teacher of prostration for the whole world. Teacher of all nations, all languages, all cultures, to adore to prostrate, to adore God. This is how the devil will be killed. Kill devil with love, love of the Hearts of Love, this prayer of the Hearts of Love. With this prayer of the Two Hearts of Love you teach the whole world to prostrate and adore God.

“My Love, with this prayer you teach the whole world to prostrate and adore me, God, my eternal presence. My love, the enemy has taken fright. The enemy is scared, when the poisoned snake is scared begins to spit his venom to all. The time for it to be overthrown and establishment of the reign of the love of God has come. My love, arise and shine! Shine in splendour, shine in glory. Arise my love, and shine, shine, shine, more than the sun and be poured out.”

Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All.

This prayer, teaching us to prostrate and we are to teach the whole world to prostrate in adoration. We should become perfect in it here in Ugwu-Nso, from here it will spread, overflow to all creation, the whole world.

“The time has come, the only way is love. Loving adoration, loving prayer, loving sacrifice, loving obedience, loving prostration, loving apostolate in purity and holiness. My Love, the time has come, arise and shine and fill the whole earth, the whole creation with the infinite splendour and glory of my love, my name, my loving presence. All my angels and saints are impatiently waiting.“

May God bless all of us as we learn and teach all to live this love of the Hearts of Love in prostration, loving prostration before God. This is the original plan God has made to use this life of the Two Hearts of Love to unite all things in Christ and save all things in Christ. It is possible to save all souls with this love, prayer, adoration of the Two Hearts of Love. No matter the fewness. God will use those who are living this life perfectly well to spread His love to the whole world and save the whole world.

Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All!

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