The will of God -

The will of God

Homily during Vigil, on Monday, 4. 5. 2020, at Holy Mountain

by rev. Fr. Montfort Okanwikpo, SHL

I want to tell you just one word: The will of God. The will of God. The will of God. Let us therefore know that nothing and nobody can save us, secure us, nowhere at all, unless the will of God. The will of God. „If you do my will, I will do your will“ says the Lord. Let us therefore in these tree days (of serious prayer) face nothing than the will of God, as he speaks and gives us his Holy Spirit. Who is my mother, my brother and my sister? Those who do the will of my Father. Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All.

My God, my Love, my All, you know how to bring the best out of the worst. Help us Lord, so that we will be the true members of Christ. Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All. All praise, all thanksgiving, all glory, all honour belongs to you now and forever. Amen.

Whatever happens, at last my Immaculate Heart must triumph! No matter what they do, what they say, at last the Two Hearts of Love must triumph, reign and spread the message to the whole world. Thank you my God.

We are standing on the promises of God. With God nothing is impossible. This night we have a very special message for all. Be firm, be strong and defend, be strengthen in all your undertakings for God. Whatever you do, if you are not doing for God, don’t do it. O my God, you are wonderful. No matter the difficulties, Lord, help us never to waver, but to be firm.

God our Father, we thank you for all you have done for us, all you are doing for us, all you will do for us. May all glory, all praise, all honour, all thanksgiving belong to you now and forever. Amen.

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