Download "the world is comming to an end!..The end is Love!"

"...the world is comming to an end! .... The end is Love!"


"My son, I want you to remain with Me, to receive all My messages the world is coming to an end! The end is change. The end is Love! The end is revolution in Love. There will be many fast swift changes in the world, so fast that many will not be able to catch up but do not be afraid. All who remain in Love - in My Love, will be carried along by My Love… There will be a lot of destruction. This destruction is purification. The new paradise will come after this purifying destruction. The destruction is purification. The hatred and negligence of God’s Love, God’s Will will reach a peak and then they will fall into the abyss, the abyss will swallow all who neglect and hate God’s Will and God’s Love. All who refuse to live according to the Will of God – Love, prayer and sacrifice will reach a summit and will force themselves to fall off into the abyss. But all who remain in My Love will be secure in My Heart. My son, please make haste and spread My Love, My prayer of Love, My devotion in the whole world so that no body will be without the contact with My Hearts of Love. All who remain in My Hearts of Love will be saved. You remain in My Hearts of Love by taking upon your lips and in your heart the Name of Love, by calling upon the Name of the Lord your God. I am the God of Love. I love all with My eternal Love. Establish centres of perpetual adoration, very many centres - centres everywhere where human beings will find refuge at the times of terrible tribulation. The worse times are coming. It is already at the door. The forces of evil are trying to unleash its last battle against the forces of God. It does not needs to be said the forces of will win. The forces of God and love and peace and fear of the Lord and obedience to the will of God will win. But the forces of evil are not yet spent forces. They are fighting and in a very cunning way trying to infiltrate the ranks of My Church - the only institution in the world, which they have not and cannot take control of. They have spread their tentacles into every sphere of life in the world - film and entertainment, mass media, computer, food, clothing, medicine, building, education…. . But My son. Do not make any mistake, they are not in charge. I am God. I am in charge of My entire creation. What the forces of evil are trying to do is to take control of certain strategic posts and institutions. My son, remember I allow that so as to hasten the purification - the total purification. Those who purify themselves with prayer will not suffer this purification of destruction. Those who remain in My Hearts of Love will not suffer this purification. It is purification by fire, the natural forces will rise against human civilisation without God .What I now want is the civilisation of Love. This civilisation of Love is being championed by My Hearts of Love - My Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. My merciful Love! I mean to pour the blood of My Love on the whole world. My Love please remain in My Love and teach all to remain in My Love. When you will see or hear of these terrible calamities do not be afraid. Set up the emblem of My Love in the whole world for all hearts to see, for all eyes to see. Every heart that loves my emblem of love will be united to me. Every eye that sees My emblem of Love and admires it will receive the seal of My Love. Every person who embraces and kisses and reveres the emblem of My Love will be saved. I will count them all among My saved, among those who know Me. My son, do not heed the devil he is trying to distract you from receiving My message in its purity and simplicity and holiness. Do not allow it to distract you at all. I Myself will secure you. I will not allow him to distract you. Remain fixed on Me. I am fixed on you. My Heart is in you. My Heart is in your heart. The blood that flows in you is My Blood, My Eucharistic Blood. My son, follow Me wherever I lead you.

You have seen a very small - a very tiny sign of this destruction, confusion that will come about if people refuse My Love, if they refuse My Will - especially leaders of peoples and nations; when they scheme to establish their own whims and caprices instead of following My Holy Will. It is I who created the world not they. It is I who am the Ruler of the world not they. It is I who am the Lord and God not they. But when they seek to establish themselves as the power in the world, natural tiny things in the world will rise and overthrow them. The little viruses and bacteria and atoms will revolt against them. But if they follow My Will, giving Me the honour, doing My Will, listening to My Word, loving My Love, every thing will work unto the good. They will experience prosperity and blessings. My son the devil is trying to attack you in a very ferocious way to distract you from receiving My message of Love. This message is message of Love for the whole world. I have no intention of destroying My creation. I have the plan of bringing My creation to fulfilment. I will bring all things to fulfilment, to oneness, to fulfilment and oneness in My Love. When the stubborn godless beings will try to destroy the (genesis) genetics, the origin of things and manipulate them against themselves, against My Holy Will, these tiny things will turn against them and manipulate them. If they try to destroy the (genesis) genetics of things the genetics of things will turn against them and they will no longer be able to control themselves what more controlling things. There will be a special madness and disorder coming upon the world if they continue to try to tamper with the (genesis) genetic of things. I want human beings to make more and more progress but not the progress of destroying My creation. Every thing I created is good. Let them build their high towers and big cities and gigantic projects without Me, let them try to come together and form unions against My laws against My law and order, against My Holy Will, let them enact laws - their godless laws, with out reference to My Holy order and My Holy will; they will end in confusion and destruction. Let them rebel against Me, and nature will rebel against them. Even their own brains and systems in their bodies and their organs will rebel against them. New incurable diseases will come. The devil will play them against themselves in the pretext of helping them only to destroy them. Those who think that the devil is their friend will discover that the devil cannot be a friend of anybody not even a friend of himself. The devil cannot love them, the forces of evil cannot do them any good but only destruction. Please My son, assemble all My children in My Love. Stand firm and remain in My Love and bring all My children to remain steadfast in My love. I have still a lot to tell you, but now go and lead My people in prayer.

Make My little flock into My family of Love, My little Love, My little flock, My little family will be the greatest family in My Church in the world. Be My Love. Love all with My Love and teach all to love with My Love. O! My Love must reign. My Hearts of Love must reign. My love must reign on earth as it is in heaven. My Love must reign on earth as it reigns in Heaven. My love will reign in all Hearts as it reigns in the Hearts of Love, in heaven."




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