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Call to Prayer and Sacrifice

for all Christians

– especially on those who worship the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and honour the most Immaculate Heart of Mary,

the Two Hearts of Love –

A letter of Father Montfort, founder and priest of the Society of the Two Hearts of Love, to the members in Europe and over the whole world

May 2001

My Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

Peace and Love of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and of the Father and of the Holy Spirit be with you. Let me begin by telling you this factual story:

As I received the Most Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus Christ began to draw me more deeply to Himself and to teach me the innermost mysteries of His Heart of Love.

He asked me:

“Come to Me daily. Never allow the devil to keep you away from Me or wilfully stay back from Me. Teach those souls around you who are given to you to love Me! Move many hearts to love Me. The world still defies Me. Although there are many comforters, but the sins of the world far outweigh their work. (As He speaks He weeps.)  See how humanity defies Me. Even those, whom I trust, even those whom I look to for consolation send Me away, beating Me and spitting on My Face. They draw the wrath of My anger, soon they will feel the strength of My arm, if reparation is not made. I am not loved. Many detest to hear My Name, only very few come to Me…! 

    Ask those people who still detest Me, who do not love Me, who still run away from Me, who still detest to hear My Name to come back to Me. Tell them that I love them. You alone cannot comfort Me much!”

Jesus says: “You alone cannot comfort Me much!” He showed me what He meant.

He showed me Himself on the Cross with uncountable wounds all over His Body and they were bleeding. The blood was gushing all over and dropping on the ground. I tried to collect all the blood with my mouth and drink it but the flow was too much from too many wounds. Much of the blood flowed away on the ground. Then I tried to stop the flow with my hands pressing at some of the wounds with my fingers, but the wounds and the flow were too much. I was helpless.

I managed to collect some of the blood with my mouth but a greater amount flowed away on the dirty ground. As I continued to struggle, hopeless to prevent the flow and to collect the blood with my mouth

He said to me: ”You alone cannot comfort Me much. Bring your relations and friends to come to Me. Bring many people to visit Me and My house (Church) will be full and I will be happy, and forgive you (the world) your sins.”

My brothers and sisters!

Our Lord Jesus Christ is bleeding continuously in many tabernacles in the world. Our Blessed Mother Mary is often crying tears of blood in many places in the world.

Our Lord hanging on the cross cried: “I thirst …”! He thirsts for souls. He thirsts for Love. He thirsts for your soul, for my soul, for my Love, for your Love.

At another time the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me that the solution of the problem of souls, the Church and the world, is to unite to the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts of Love (Jesus and Mary).

He revealed it to me in this way: The Lord showed me His Heart which because it has lost so much blood has lost its real colour and appears pale white. Then He said to me:

“If you can make this Heart turn red again the world will be saved.” I asked Him how I can make the Heart regain its blood and its colour. He answered me:”I want you to find that out yourself.” I went about asking some older, experienced and learned and spiritual persons, but no body could provide the right answer.

At the next time when He came to me I told Him that I have thought, and I asked many people and I could not find the answer myself and nobody could tell me the answer. He said: “I will give you the solution Myself. I will reveal this mystery to you.”

Then He showed me His Heart again and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Immaculate Heart is covered with deep wounds, but the wounds were deep but not wide and the Immaculate Heart was also bleeding profusely. Then He said to me:

”The only solution is

to unite to the wounded and bleeding Hearts of Love.”

I asked Him, how we can unite ourselves with the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts, since we are not pure and holy. The Lord then taught me the Prayer of the Two Hearts of Love and said that through this prayer we shall be purified and united with the Two Hearts of Love and the world would be saved.

Now He makes this very earnest, joyful and at the same time frightening appeal:

“Get at least 100 people who will be saying the prayer (the Prayer of the Hearts of Love) 100 times (i.e. the Rosary of the Hearts of Love two times) every night, with you, no matter where they are (between the hours of midnight and 3 am) and the world will be changed. I will change the face of the earth. I will renew My Church and I will save all (uncountable) souls. I will overthrow the influence of evil. I will overthrow evil. I will establish the reign of My Love firmly. My Will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

My dear brothers and sisters, God is calling you out of Love to make this sacrifice to be a victim of Love, suffering for the salvation of souls, the renewal of the Church, the salvation of the world, the firm establishment of the reign of His Love, the Triumph of the Two Hearts of Love, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Please, answer this call of God! Please join us in saying this prayer and making this sacrifice – the vigil of prayers and sacrifice – to keep Him company, to keep awake even for an hour of prayer with the Lord. Remember what our Lord said to His closest apostles Peter, James and John: “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death: stay here and watch with Me.” And He went a little further, and fell on His face, and prayed, saying: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me, but not My will but Your will be done.” And He came to the disciples, and found them asleep, and said to Peter: “Could you not keep awake with Me for one hour? Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Mt 26,38-41)

When our Lord said that we should find at least 100 persons who will be saying the prayer (the Prayer of the Hearts of Love) 100 times (i.e. the Rosary of the Hearts of Love twice) every night, with us, no matter where they are (between the hours of midnight and 3 am), my mind went immediately to the story about Abraham who had the opportunity to save Sodom and Gomorrah but under the condition that he should find some

people – 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, even 10 people: (please note: it was no failure on the part of Abraham that he could not find 10 righteous people. There were simply not enough righteous people.) This led to the destruction of the city by fire. This is a well known story narrated in the book of Genesis.

At this time, at our own time, God is giving us a special grace, a very rare chance. He gives you and me this opportunity to help save souls – our own souls and the souls of others, to renew the Church and change the face of the earth and help establish the reign of His Love.

If only you and me and a few others could make the sacrifice of keeping awake and saying the prayer of the Two Hearts of Love devotedly, and thereby uniting ourselves to the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts of Love of Jesus and Mary.

Have no fears, this prayer is a special revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself to His beloved people, the Church. This prayer has already received the imprimatur from many bishops around the world, for the various translations in different world languages.

This time Our Lord is asking specifically that at least 100 people be found who will be saying this prayer devotedly every night (no matter where they are) especially between the hours of 12 midnight and 3 am. This is the time for the vigil mass and prayer of the Two Hearts of Love.

Please, I am earnestly appealing to you on my knees to join us make this sacrifice of vigil prayers of Love for souls, for the Church, for the world, for the reign of the Love of God, for the Kingdom of God.

If you are willing to join in this prayer sacrifice every night please send us your name and address and telephone number. We shall place it on the altar where we celebrate the Holy Mass. We shall be celebrating Holy Masses for you and praying for you, that God will give you the grace and strength of soul, mind and body to fulfil your good promise.

We want to keep in contact with you and all who say the prayer regularly. We are a family of the Two Hearts of Love of Jesus and Mary, in the very heart of the Church. Please get many others to join in this urgent prayer sacrifice.

May God bless and reward you and all yours abundantly.

Yours devotedly in the Hearts of Love of Jesus and Mary

Montfort OKANWIKPO  (Rev. Fr.)


Jesus! Mary! I love You.

Be appeased. Save all souls. Amen.

(10 times as rosary)

O! Hearts of Love!

O! Hearts ever united in Love!

Make me to love You always and help me

to make others to love You.

Take my poor sinful heart to Thyself

and do not give it back to me,

until it becomes a flaming fire of Your Love.

I know that I am unworthy to come to You,

but take me to Thyself

and cleanse me by the flames of Your Love.

Take me to Thyself and use me as it

pleases You, for I am entirely Yours. Amen.

O! Pure Love! O! Holy Love!

Pierce me with Your arrows and send my blood

flowing into the wounds of the Immaculate Heart.

O! Immaculate Heart!

Unite with the Sacred Heart

to give life, to comfort,

to glorify and to love. Amen.

O! Jesus! O! Mary!

You are the Hearts of Love! I love You.

Consume me.

I am your victim of Love. Amen.

O! Hearts of Love! Consume me.

I am your victim of Love. Amen.

Our thoughts should continuously be with God. This prayer is to be said especially at 12 and 6 o’clock after the Angelus and at 4 pm

at the end of the Holy Hour, at Communion and at the end of Mass.

This is for the solemn moments of union.

Approval: Msgr. V.A. Chikwe

Owerri (Nigeria), November 15, 1987

Father Montfort Okaa Okanwikpo

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