Message on Purity and Holiness

July 6, 2006


Now, My Love, today on the Feast of St. Maria Goretti I want to talk to you about purity and holiness of soul, spirit and body. I have already made it clear to you that without holiness and purity there can be no reign of the Hearts of Love, there can be no reign of Love, there can be no reign of God, there can be no reign of the spiritual or heavenly or true and right religion, there can be no salvation. Do you know how many souls are being destroyed misled and damned because of impurity? My son, your greatest enemy you have to fight is impurity and lack of holiness. Fight it first of all in you and around you, then in your brothers and sisters and around them.

Establish the right atmosphere and environment of purity and holiness among you, among your brothers and sisters and you will see how the reign of Love true Love pure and Holy Love will blossom. Do not tolerate or ignore or downplay any signs no matter how small of impurity and lack of holiness. This must be emphasized. This is what is destroying the work and negating the efforts of so many priests and religious in the world today. I do not want anything impure or unholy to come in in you or in this mission of My Hearts of Love, in you or around you, in my sisters and brothers or around them. I mean to protect them with the fire of My Divine Love as I did protect My Mother, but they must be prepared to listen to Me and obey Me completely, submit their wills to Me completely, give Me their bodies completely, all the organs and senses all the time and every where, consecrate themselves to Me wholly and entirely and do what I tell them all I tell them and avoid all I forbid. Let them keep My commandments and rules.

Now you have heard what St. Theresa told you to avoid. Be strict with that, very, very completely and meticulously, and teach all your children to live and do and be the same. This physical care helps a lot and conditions the mind so that the longing the passions of the body are controlled by the physical discipline and abstinence. Let there be no touching beyond the elbows and the knees and the neck. Do that, observe that and you must have avoided ninety percent of the troubles and temptations. I love you and will always love you and care for you and protect you and prosper you.

The bodies of your sisters and brothers and all members are temples of the Holy Spirit, temples of the Most Holy Trinity and temple of Love. They are sacraments of Love. Their bodies are signs visible signs of pure and holy Love. They are themselves visible signs of the reign of pure and Holy Love. Let them realise their singular and great dignity. Their bodies are given them to live pure and holy Love, for the reign of the Love of God, for the pure and holy love of God, for the worship of God, to do the Most Holy Will of God. The bodies and souls are so united that whatever touches the body touches the soul and vice versa, what ever touches the spirit touches the body. And nothing vile, nothing impure, nothing unholy will ever enter My Kingdom.

My Kingdom is Kingdom of purity and holiness. One of the greatest and clearest signs of their consecration and belonging to Me is their use of their bodies. When I asked My Mother to give Me herself, her body, so that I will become incarnate in her she accepted. I took flesh in her. I cannot take flesh in rotten bodies and foul spirit. Tell all My sisters that they must remain absolutely pure and holy, preserve themselves only for Me and I will incarnate in them. They are My Mothers. They are My temples. I long for their complete pure and holy Love now and always. Go for the conference and you will hear what I will tell you through the priest.




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