Message of St. Michael

September 30, 2004

My Love, I am still talking to you. I have a lot to tell you for the entire Family of the Hearts of Love to which I Myself belong. I bring all the Angels with me to this Family. This is what the Eternal Father has given me to do: to bring all the angelic powers to this Family of the Two Hearts of Love. 

Do you remember what He promised you? If you do all He asked you to do living the Life of Love as you should live it, doing the work of Love as you should, do it being united with Him as you should, He will make this Family of the Two Hearts of Love the biggest Family on earth as well as in Heaven. He has asked me to bring all the angels and make them members of this Family. I am requesting you to register us all, all the angels of God we are all your members, members of the Family of the Two Hearts of Love. 

We are not just serving you and serving in this Family, we are members, full-fledged members, with full respon-sibility of prayers and apostolate like all other members. Thank you for accepting us. Angels are innumerable times more than human beings in number. The Lord has fulfilled the Promise He made you. My Family of the Hearts of Love will be innumerable times more than any Family in heaven and on Earth. Have you realised the greatness of this Family of the Two Hearts of Love? 

I love you my Love. I love you my love. I love you my Love. Remain always my Love, remain always our Love, remain always in the Love of God.

Receive more messages. Write what I am telling you:

This mission of the Hearts of Love is the most important mission and the whole Heaven and earth are waiting for this Reign of the Love of God of the Hearts of Love on earth as in Heaven. In other words, the whole heaven and earth are waiting for you to say yes to this Reign.

It depends on you, on your yes. Say this yes with your whole heart and soul and body and spirit. Say this yes with your whole being. Say this yes with all you have and are. Say this yes as an absolute yes and the Love of God, the whole Glory of God, the whole Blessings of God, the whole Graces of God, The Power of the Most High will overshadow you and the Spirit of God will come with His full power and the Son of God will come with His Fullness of Love, of Divinity and Humanity and all will dwell in you and through you. All the Reign of the Love of God will be established on earth as in Heaven. 

(I offered myself completely wholly and entirely to God to use me as it pleases Him and I am here to do His will wholly and entirely. He asked me to lie down beside the cross. I lay down and Jesus on the cross turned and entered into me and I dissolved into him. He asked me again to lie beside the cross with my hand joined to Him on the cross. I did and He said:) 

You have the whole world to feed with the Word of God, with the Love of God. Get up and go to the people. It is almost ten o’clock. (I got up and it is ten o’clock.) 

      My son, My Love, I thank you for giving Me your absolute yes. I thank you immensely for saying this total, absolute and unconditional and eternal yes to Me and My Eternal Will of Love. In saying this yes to Me, you have said yes to all I love and to all who love Me. You have said yes to My Eternal and Infinite Loving Will; you have said yes to the Eternal and Infinitely Loving Father; you   have said yes to the Eternal and Infinitely Loving Holy Spirit; you have said yes to the Eternal and Infinitely Loving Son; and you have said yes to the Eternal and Infinite Love in the Most Holy Trinity of Love. You have said yes to yourself, your nature, your mission, your fulfilment, your eternity.

In saying this absolute yes, you have touched the very core of all that is, the very Heart of God and the very centre of Heaven and the very core of the entire world and creation. 

My son, My beloved, what I said to you about the Pope is what is – is what he is: he is the Pope of My Hearts of Love. The crown of his papacy is the reign of My Hearts of Love, which he is to proclaim to the whole world. 

The message of Fatima which spoke much about his person and his papacy has the core in the reign of the Hearts of Love – the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and My Most Sacred Heart – the Two Hearts ever united in Love. There in Fatima My Mother made it clear to the whole world what the Will of My Father is: 

God’s will is that the Two Hearts of Love be venerated together and no longer be separated. The message of Fatima is central to the Message of the Two Hearts of Love. Through Lucia I and My Mother made it clear what the will of My Father is, that the Hearts of Love will reign from Deutschland. 

My Love you are the fulfilment of this prophecy.

I have brought this prophecy to fulfilment in and through you. It is for the reign of My Hearts of Love in Deutschland and through Deutschland in the whole world that I sent you to Germany and you have been living in Germany one quarter of your earthly life. 

Here you have suffered terrible rejection and persecution. But My son, do not be worried, it will all come to pass, it is almost all over and My HEARTS OF LOVE MUST REIGN. 

Do not go away from Germany, stay here and pray and fast and do penance. Now the light of My Love will shine more and more in you and through you in the whole world. 

Never allow anybody to make you think or say or do anything against My Church, your Church, or against her leaders, the servants, My Pope, My Bishops and Priests and Religious Men and Women and the Laity. Love all of them with My Love – with Hearts of Love. You are Love from Me, God, the Most Holy Trinity of Love. Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! 

(Union with the Will of God, union with the Two Hearts of Love - this Prayer - as God’s Will, solution, Instrument and weapon for Love and Peace, freedom, justice, righteousness and fulfilled life for all and salvation of all.)

 Peace comes with freedom, righteousness and justice. Justice to all - even the unborn and distant generations.

Let them correct the imbalance in the world, the lots of injustice and racism and genocide and hatred. Let them use more My instrument of prayer and justice and righteousness. 

Tell all those fighting against AIDS to fight harder, but let them not waste their time thinking that such diseases will be fought and controlled by scientific advancement and medicine.

The root of this is the evil, evil in life, evil in sex, evil in marriage, in the family, evil in the friend-ship, evil in the relationship between man and woman, evil in the relationship between man and man, between woman and woman. Correct your lives and you will live. The solution is not medicine or condom. The solution is pure and holy Love, pure and holy Life, pure and holy relationship between people - both of opposite sex and of the same sex.

If they think that they can fight this small and tiny AIDS virus with their means and even their magic of medicine and science and cover up of sex, the bigger and worse AIDS will break out. It will attack the genital organs and reproductive organs and people will be decaying while still alive. 

Let the world be warned. I am warning you to warn the whole world. Please, My son, please My Love, warn the whole world. The forces of evil have teamed up from all sides and all are aimed at destroying My World, My creation. I will not allow that. The easiest way for the forces of evil to perpetrate and finish their evil terrible plans is the use of evil and sin and hatred and wickedness. 

My son, fight with the weapons of prayer and Pure and Holy Love. My son, please gather My Children and bring them all to My Love, My Hearts of Love. Do not be tired, write, listen and write. I am giving you this warning message for the whole world.      Although the forces of evil are scheming to destroy My world I have sent and equipped you with My Power of Love and Prayers to defeat them, you will defeat them woefully. But please, be steadfast in prayer and purity and holiness of Life and Love. Do not waste any more time. Time is very short.

The forces of evil are very strong and terribly determined to destroy My world, but the forces of good are infinitely more powerful and effective and omnipresent.

am God, I am He who am the God of Love. 

My son, arise to your responsibility for the whole world. Let Me manifest My Love, My Glory in you and through you to the whole of My creation. Be strong and steadfast. Be firm and unflinching in your faith. Never doubt anything, I tell you, never doubt the efficacy of your prayers. I have given you the greatest power ever to be given out in the whole of creation. 

You are My Love. You are My Love, My most beloved Love. That is why I have sent you at this time to come and save My world from destruction by all the forces of evil put together.

Your mission must succeed, because your mission is My mission, your mission is divine, your mission is Love. I am your mission. 

My Love, I carry the whole world in the palm of My hands and I have given you all the power of My Love. I carry the whole world, My whole creation in My Heart and I have given you all the power and authority of Love. 

My son, arise to your responsibility. Go to the leaders of the nations and the races and cultures and societies and events and establishment.

Harness the forces of good, bring them all together to fight the forces of evil. You are at the centre of the fight. Your victory is the victory of the whole forces of good. 

Be steadfast, be not weak, be strong, because I am strong, be holy for I am holy, be pure for I am pure. Do not allow any contamination to deter and destroy My mission, My work, your mission, your work. 

Do not be afraid to go to the leaders of nations and ask them to contribute. They are sitting on the resources of the world, these resources are not their own - they are just care-takers.

These resources are mine. Go, ask them to release My resources to use them to fight evil and promote good, the resources of connection, media decision making and execution. I am not talking of money, do not fight with money, do not go begging for money, just do your work and preach My Love and My Word and all the resources you need will flow to you. 

Take the bold decision now to come out openly and proclaim My Only Solution to the whole world, the rich and poor alike, the young and the old, the white and the black, the far and the near. My Love, rest a little. My Love, do not hesitate to do My Will completely in all things and all situations. My Love, be steadfast in your judging like Me with My Spirit and your acting with decision according to My Most Holy Will. 

Help My Church to come back to her origin in Love, in My pierced and bleeding Heart and in the Wounded and Bleeding Heart of My Mother. Our Two Hearts of Love were pierced and wounded and bleeding at the same time.

have already told you this and I want you to tell the whole Church and the whole world: the Only Solution to the problems in the Church and the problems in the world as well as problems in the souls and the communities including families is to unite to the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts. 

Please, My son, live this solution, love it, receive it, treasure it, carry it, pray it, venerate it, preach it, spread it and pour it on all and shine it in and over all. Let the whole creation see the glorious manifestation and shining of this one great solution which I have made known to you even as you were still a very small boy. 

Please, My Love, help My Church to accept this solution by receiving it well in its purity and holiness and exclusiveness from Me and living it, loving it in its beauty and fittingness, and spreading it in its dignity and splendour, in its clarity and distinctiveness and fitting union with the life and teaching of My Church, especially the magisterial - Popes - and Popes in councils and Fathers and Doctors of the Church and Saints and Bishops. 

Explain it and present it in different forms and in different lights and angles and perspectives and the numerous effects and the danger posed by any possible neglect and delay in accepting and applying this Divine Solution.

Present it very strongly, clearly and decisively and diplomatically and comprehensively. I am with you now and forever and ever! Amen!

St. Michael

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