Message from Archangel Michael

and the Archangels


IArchangel Raphael, I have brought to you the power to heal all. I Gabriel, I have brought you the power to preach and convince and win all to the Love of God.

I Michael, I have brought you power to pray and fight with God and for God and to win all battles with prayer - the weapon of God, with prayer and adoration, with Love and with praising and worshipping and thanking God. With remaining in the presence of God, loving, obeying, worshipping, adoring and serving Him with all He has given you and all He Will give you, by doing His Holy and Eternal Will. It was I, Michael, who saved the Angels from total destruction which was what Lucifer wanted. He knew from the very beginning, that he cannot win any battle by revolting against God. What he wanted, was a sort of general suicide, that the generation of Angels should be abolished. 

Such a terrible hatred of himself and all the Angels, all the creatures of God in the nature of Angels, such a terrible hatred of God! His scheme was to destroy himself and destroy all angels with him and thus try to force God to change His Eternal Will. The madness of hatred and terror of self-destruction and the catastrophe of disobedience! He has already got one third and was coercing others trying to make them use their free will against God and therefore against themselves. 

Then, I intervened and declared openly that I will serve the Lord, My God, and He alone - His Will alone I will do. He declared war against me and those following me who remained on the side of God. He did not and cannot reach God to fight against God. Who is he to reach God, to touch God? All he did was to destroy himself and the angels and destroy God’s plan for His creation – God’s holy and ever-loving plan for the entire creation. I intervened.

God lives in unapproachable light and Love. Even in heaven there is a radical natural demarcation between the Divinity and the creatures. Creatures and the Divinity are never the same not even in heaven, for even in heaven God sits on His Throne of Glory and lives in unapproachable Light of Love. 

This continues drawing you infinitely to Himself like a magnet. It never stops fascinating and drawing but you never enter into it. But the ecstasy of this pull is indescribable and the infinite ways God provides the joy, the fulfilment and the ecstasy in this drawing. 

So, what the devil Lucifer did was to try to go in the opposite direction away from the Will of God, the pull of God, the magnet of God, the Love of God, by using his creaturely free will to oppose and refuse the Loving pull of the Will of God and setting his creaturely will against the Eternal Will of God, and thereby teaching some Angels the possibility of going against the Will of God by refusing His Loving Will. Preferring their own useless self destructive will to the Eternal and Loving Will of God. 

By my intervention I saved not only the angelic being, but all other existences from being used by the devil Lucifer against their nature and therefore against God’s Most Holy and Perfect Will. 

How did I do it - by the Love of God. God poured His Love into my little soul and my spirit was filled with the splendour, the Love and the majesty of God, and I saw what we would all be loosing – God’s Love; and what those who revolt against His Will will receive - eternal self - destruction in hell fire.

Then in my ecstasy of Love for God and for myself and my fellow angelic creatures and for the entire creation I shouted: 

Who is like God – so loving, so good, so splendid, so majestic, so… so … so … so …so …so ….!” And the voice of my Love and adoration (filled the whole place) and I prostrated myself on the ground, adoring and loving and praising Him with all I have and I am. Most of the angels followed me immediately, loving God and worshipping Him. 

Lucifer became furious. His hatred of me, of himself and of the angels and of God rose to its peak and be began raining abuses on me and the angels worshipping and serving God with me. He began to pour the venom of his anger on me and on all with me, but the more he did that the more we loved and the more we worshipped and the more we adored and the deeper we prostrated and then the splendour of God began to shine more in me and in all who were with me on the side of God. His unapproachable Light of Love and splendour became more and more radiant in me and in all with me on the side of God.

It was the Light of the Face of God, the Love, the Splendour, his Infinite Majesty, his indescribable Glory which began to shine brighter than any brightness, that drove Satan Lucifer and his wicked angels, self destructive angels, further and further away from the Loving and ETERNAL presence and splendour of God Love. 

The farer and farer he went from God the more and more he drifted into the darkness of hell and the eternal punishment of self-destruction. He devised all possible means of destroying himself and those with him thinking to end his existence. 

But God has created him to be eternal. So in his madness of self destruction he has done and still does all things to destroy himself inflicting indescribable injuries on himself and all with him to destroy them and end their existence but he can never stop existing.

God allowed him to do with himself all he wanted and to do with all those with him what he wanted. He needed only to wish it. It is only evil, revolt, hatred, wickedness. Oh! It is unthinkable, indescribable, all that he has unleashed and perpetrated on himself and all with him, they scheme to excel each other in their self and other destructive plans and machinations. The more they hate themselves and seek to destroy themselves, the more their hatred increases and the more they do all they can to destroy themselves revolting against God, who gave them being, who created them out of Love. The more they rejected His Love rejecting their existence and doing all they could imagine to destroy themselves and obstruct God’s Love and negate God’s plan for them they are the most miserable. 

God does nothing to them. It is they who with their indescribable hatred of themselves and of all, do themselves all sorts of harm and inflict on themselves all sorts of indescribable punishment like biting their very selves with themselves jumping into the hottest destructive burning fire, crushing themselves, tearing themselves, changing themselves into heinous indes-cribable forms and shapes. There is no limit and no end to the punishment they inflict on themselves and others with them.

 Whereas those who followed Lucifer Satan drifted farer and farer away from God drifting and flying infinitely away from God, I and the Angels with me we came nearer and nearer to God and were drawn infinitely nearer to God. 

Before the fall no creature came so near to God. It was a test. Lucifer and his wicked angels fell from grace and away from the Love and service of God. God rewarded us by drawing us deeper and deeper, infinitely deeper into His Loving majesty and infinite splendour and holiness. 

Write what I am telling you: Many human beings rightly ask how can angels in heaven in the presence of God turn away from him revolting against Him. The Heaven that we are in now, the Heaven into which God in His Infinite Love has drawn us into, is really the Heaven, the Heaven of heaven, the Heaven of His Infinite Love and Holiness and Majesty and Union in Love. The infinite ecstasy of this union is eternal unbreakable, non-stop, forever permanent in the increase in the Love. 

How can I describe it? It cannot be described!

There can never be any language to describe it. The heaven, we were in before the fall, is like the paradise where Adam and Eve were in the presence of God, but had the possibility of sinning, of disobeying, of using their wills against God, they had the possibility of falling away even though they were in paradise. But the Heaven which Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has opened for man is the real Heaven, the Heaven of Heaven, the innermost Heaven. Here you are so taken up in the Will and Love of God, you are being pulled willingly into the infinite Goodness and Love of God.

Can you imagine you driving your car on the ground with the possibility of getting out or turning left or right or even causing an accident, then there comes a force, an infinitely great loving ecstasy, pulling you up with your car into the infinite space with infinite speed: it is what you will, your will is one with this Will, it is the absolute Union of Will, Love, Pleasure.

But now this your free will is absolutely united with His Will, which has given you and gives you infinitely more fulfilment and joy than you can imagine. There is no getting out or turning back but the point is that you are infinitely being fulfilled in union with his. Your will is infinitely fulfilled in His Will Love.   

Go to them and tell them the great Glory and the great danger. Take off now completely on this direction. Here is a small replay of the Heaven and test for the angels and small replay of paradise for Adam and Eve. 

The only solution is to unite yourselves to the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts.

Let God carry you; tell about the absolute necessity of pure and holy Love and total obedience to the Will of God, revealed in this Love and prayer. The weapon of war and victory is this prayer. Let them not misuse or under-use or waste it. This is the time of the Reign. Get going and let yourselves be carried by the Eternal and Loving will of God.



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