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Long only for the Divine approval

Homily during Vigil, on Tuesday, 5. 5. 2020, at Holy Mountain

by rev. Fr. Montfort Okanwikpo, SHL


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.......“If you obey my spirit in you, you will become what I am. You will draw all men to me. You will draw the whole world what I created it to be. I made this in the beginning. You will make all men be what I have created them to be. Write it down now, as I have told you. Here my love will reign. I promise you. I mean to renew all hearts, all homes, all persons, all things in my love. Oh, my love will reign! Oh, my Hearts of Love will reign!”

My God, today on this feast of the Hearts of Love, I consecrate myself completely to you. I put myself into your hands. I will never think, say or do anything that is not your will. Do with me what is pleases you for I am entirely yours. God said: “my Son, I accept you, wholly and entirely and I give you all the blessings of my love. As you have consecrated yourself to me I also consecrate myself to you. I am Jesus of… I am God of… I am Hearts of Love of…

Do you remember that thing the small boy told St. Theresa in the convent? Theresa saw a small boy: “what are you doing here in the convent? Where did you come from? What is your name?” The small boy also asked: “what is your name?” She said: “I am Theresa of the Child Jesus.” The small boy said: “I am Jesus of Theresa. Jesus said to me: “I am Jesus of Montfort. I am God of Montfort. I am Hearts of Love of Montfort. From now on, anywhere, anytime God is mentioned, it is you who have been mentioned.”

What Jesus said about Mary Magdalene? When she washed his feet with her tears, wiped it with her hair, anointed the feet of Jesus, what happened? Judas was annoyed, he was angry: “you are wasting this costly oil”. Jesus said: “allow her to pour her love on me. You will have poor with you always, but I will not be with you always. I tell you, any time, this gospel is preached, she must be mentioned.”

God said: “From now on, anywhere, anytime love is mentioned, it is you who have been mentioned. Write all these promises because they are not just a promises, they are directly effective acts and ever effective.” This was given on 23rd of June 1995.

Unbelievable, wonderful experience with oneness, it is real not nearly coincident, oneness of mind and heart, of spirit. Oneness in love with that is not just union intention entirely, but oneness in being, unforgettable and indescribable experience. I saw one voice calling on one another, on each other: “My God, my Love, my all!” This experience can hardly be told, it can only be personally experienced. God, I worship you and give myself, consecrate myself, all my being, all I will ever be to you, wholly and entirely.

So, whenever it is mentioned this “my God, my Love, my All”, know that it is the most sublime experience I have with God. “My God, my Love, my All”, it is the most sublime, personal experience. It is indescribable. He allowed me to experienced this. This experience is higher than all experiences, most sublime, touching, coveting, consuming and real than any experience in the world.

At this point, when I was receiving and consuming Holy Communion, He consumes me. “My son, this is what happens every time with this consuming and consecrating call: “my God, my Love, my All!” This is the highest point of our union, our oneness. My oneness with you.” Oh, my God, my Love, my All.

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"My son, it is Me, your Love, your God, your All, it is me, I am, I who am, I the Lord has come out to let you and all know that it is really Me. I feel the pains, I see, I feel, I hear, I breath, I suffer. It is me. I am real. I live. Whatever you have said, whatever you have done, I see, hear and feel it all. Before the consecration, it is a piece of bread, after consecration it is me. It is really me. I am. All I am. Any insult, sacrilege make me suffer, cause me pain for I see and hear and feel.”

On the Holy Mountain, please, be careful, because we are more in the exposition of God´s presence, more than any other place in the whole world. He sees us from here, He sees everything, He hears everything, He feels everything. We are in His presence. Others may commit their small sins in their room their corner, but we are committing our own in His very presence. So, be very very careful.

“Tell them to come to me with love and respect. Tell them to receive me with hearts full of love and respect, knowing fully well that it is me whom they are receiving. I suffer, I weep, I bleed whenever they receive me without love and respect. My Mother suffers also whenever I am insulted. It is me. Let people come. Never celebrate mass hastily without love and respect. If they can not wait, let them go. You can’t celebrate mass in haste for it is me you celebrate.” Thank you my Jesus, thank you my Love, thank you my All.

Jesus said: “I am your angel, I myself am your angel. I am with you always and everywhere. I am with you and you are always with me. I am your love. I am your angel. I take care of you by myself. My love, your parents on earth called you Louis Maria de Montfort, you called yourself for confirmation Michael, I call you My Love. You have no heart, but my heart. That is why you cannot love anybody with your heart, but with my heart. You can only love what is in my heart. You are in my Hearts of Love. You have no will, but my will. That is why you cannot will or achieve anything only what I will. You can never have any success outside my will. You have been tempted in every way, because you have no other will, but my will. You are love, the love of God and love of man. If people ask you who you are, tell them, you are the Love of God and the Love of man. That is what you are. Only two things are important in your life: holiness of life and doing your work. In short, doing my will completely, preaching and praying.“ Thank you my God, thank you my Love, thank you my All. I have not much to hide, I have revealed to you all the secrets, no more hiding.

God, our Father, thank you for everything. Thank you for this prayer of the Hearts of Love. Give us the grace to accomplish it perfectly well according to your most holy will.


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