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Jesus thanks all,

who have followed his call for prayer And SACRIFICE




I thank all who have responded to this Prayer Call, which I sent from heaven. All who keep awake and pray in the middle of the night are blessed. I bless them with My eternal blessings of Love. I bless their families und undertakings. I bless their generation. Through their prayers and sacrifice they are supporting Me in carrying the world – they are helping Me in carrying the world, in saving the world, in renewing My Church, in fighting evil. Let them not get weak. I am with them. I am with them always till the end of time. Let them never get tired. I am with them and will never, never, never abandon them.


I have accepted them and their sacrifice of Love. They are fragrant offerings of Love of Me. The light of their Prayers and sacrifice shines through the darkness of sin, of hatred and wickedness and evil. Darkness cannot overcome them. Weakness cannot overpower them. Their Love is united with My Love. Their hearts are united with My Heart. Their blood flow into My own. I am with them. I am united with them. They are united with Me. They form a formidable army of praying and loving and self-sacrificing souls. The future of the world, the Church, the salvation of souls depend on such sacrifices of Love and Prayer. Let them never get tired.


If they see the effect of their sacrifices and prayers in heaven, on earth and under the earth they will marvel, they will be surprised. They will not understand it now.


Their prayer and sacrifice rock hell, free innumerable souls in purgatory, redeem innumerable souls on earth and bring great joy in heaven. I am very much comforted, and My Mother and all My Angels and Saints thank them and protect them and pray for them. They form a formidable immense army with all My Angels and Saints.


The devil fights against them. Let them not be surprised or discouraged that the devil is fighting them and trying to discourage them. And you My son of Love, My Heart of Love, do not be worried at all that the hell is let loose against you, that all sorts of plans are being made against you.


And all sorts of calumny are being unleashed against you that all sorts of publications are being made against you. Be firm, be firm, be firm. Do not look left or right, back or front, up or down. Look only on Me. Fix your gaze on Me. I am, I am, I am. I alone am. I am God and no other.


You are doing My Will, My Eternal Will. I am immensely pleased with you. I am with you. I am with you. I am with you. I am with you. I am giving you the greatest support possible. Your Mission is My Mission. Your Mission must succeed. My Hearts of Love must triumph. I am! I am! I am!


Now I beg My beloved children to remember that I am still suffering, still lonely in many tabernacles in the world, in many hearts in the world, in many Churches, in many families I am abandoned and not being cared for. I call on all My beloved to keep Me company, 15 minutes a day is enough for Me for the meantime. Let any person choose the time he/she can come and stay with Me for at least 15 minutes. Just stay with Me. Just visit Me. Just say a word of Love to Me. Visit Me lonely in the Church, visit Me lonely in prisons, visit Me lonely in hospitals, visit Me lonely in old peoples’ homes, visit Me lonely, abandoned in many homes and places and towns in the world.


Please come! Come! Come!


Let all who are ready to do this apostolate of Love give their hearts and their Love, give Me their names. I will write it in My own Heart of Love. Come! Come! Come! This visiting apostolate of Love, of the Hearts of Love will flourish in the whole world. If enough people do this, Love will reign everywhere on earth as it is in heaven. I am the God of Love.


I am! I am! I am! I am He who am the God of Love. I am He who am the God of Love. When they visit Me or visit one another let them say the Prayer of the Hearts of Love.


I bless all who will do this apostolate with My eternal blessings of Love. I bless all who will propagate this with all the blessings of My Hearts of Love.


I will be the teacher of all who will do this constantly. I Myself will teach them and lead them to perfection in My school of Love, in My Heart of Love. They will remain steadfast in My Hearts of Love.


They will never fall away. No devil can separate them from Me. No failure will destroy them. I will raise them up always and carry them in My Hands and press them to My Heart. My Heart of Love is their place of refuge, their solace, their salvation. I am! I am! I am their Love! They are My loving children of My Hearts of Love. I love them all with eternal Love, and I bless them all with My eternal blessings of Love.


Remain in My Love! Remain in My Hearts of Love! Remain united with Me! I am one with you. All who remain steadfast in this will receive My eternal Blessings. I will bless their generation, their families, their undertakings. None of them will be lost. I will comfort them in all situations. In their trials and sufferings I will stay with them always especially at their most troublesome, most abandoned times especially their hours of death. I am with them. I will be their comfort, their glory, their happiness. I am! I am! I am! I am He who am, the God of Love.


Through them I will pour My blessings on all to whom they go and all who come to them. I will pour My eternal blessings on My whole Church anew. Churches where many of these visits take place will experience a rebirth in faith, hope and charity.


Through them I will bless all in their family, relations and community, I mean to pour My eternal blessings on all through them. My children I love you. My beloved children give Me this time at least 15 minutes a day now, and I will give you eternity – for ever and ever.    Amen.





by Most Rev. Dr. Ayo-Maria Atoyebi O.P. – Catholic Bishop of Ilorin Diocese; Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, May 2002


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