My Son My beloved call on all priests, My beloved priests, your brother priests – My most beloved sons priests, beloved priests of My One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, beloved priests of My Love, priests of My Most sacred Heart and the Most Immaculate Heart of My Mother, of My Hearts of Love, of My Eucharistic Heart, of My Trinitarian Love, to help you in celebrating the vigil midnight mass. Let them celebrate this Holy Mass solemnly and devoutly in honour of My Most Sacred Heart and the Most Immaculate Heart of My Mother – Our Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts of Love.


Let them celebrate it with the greatest Love and giving Me the highest glory.

Let them celebrate this especially on Thursday and or Friday nights. Let them celebrate this especially between the hours of midnight and four A M.


I am with you and with them all both now and forever and ever. Amen.


 At the end of the Holy Mass let them do some solemn adoration using the Prayer of the Two Hearts of Love. Let them say the prayer up to a hundred times – that is, two chaplets of the Two Hearts of Love. This is the best and will please Me most.


If I can have up to a hundred priests and more living this life and doing this sacrifice and celebrating this every month, or every week or even everyday, the face of the earth will be changed, uncountable souls will be saved in the whole world and innumerable evil, sins, crises and catastrophes will be avoided and infinite and eternal blessings will be poured on all especially the faithful and hopeful and loving souls. My Glory will shine. My Love will reign. My Hearts of Love will triumph. My Kingdom will come and the Will of God will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. I will save and unite all in My infinite Love and Mercy.


I love you even more because of your strong attachment to My Most Holy Will and more so because of your weakness. My son I will give you all I have planned to give you from all eternity and I will do with you all I have planned to do with you from all eternity. Remain strong and be able to bear all that will come upon you with total resignation to My Most Holy Will. My Love I love you. I know your weakness and I am converting your weakness to strength. I am your strength.

Now the preparation for the vigil Mass, which is your main personal work, the core of your personal responsibility and work of the Hearts of Love and sacrifice, which I demand from you, My Love, do not let anything or anybody whatsoever come between you and Me with regard to the midnight Mass and adoration. It is never to be thought of that anything or anybody comes between you and Me between My Most Holy Will and your will. My Most Holy Will and your will are one and united. The midnight vigil Mass and adoration till 3.00 o’clock is the cross I have given you to carry for the Love of Me, Love of the Two Hearts of Love, Love of the Church, Love of the souls - all souls, Love of the world all creation, above all Love of the Most Holy Trinity of Love. My God My Love My All I love you.

I thank you for uniting your will to My Most Holy Will, uniting yourself to the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts of Love, uniting yourself to My Church in the very Heart of My Catholic Church, uniting yourself to My world the entire creation, uniting yourself to all souls. And in this way loving all with My Love and winning all to My Love. My Love I love you.



On this depends the life and salvation of uncountable souls even those yet unborn and uncreated. All wait on you at this vigil Mass. Please do not disappoint any single soul. Do not joke with the eternal salvation of any soul that I have entrusted to your care. Take full care and make sure all goes according to My Most Holy Will. For there will be attempts to derail and distract and even to destroy. My son I am your model and master. I am your God, your Love, your All. The way I was fully occupied with the preparation for My Sacrifice of the Cross from the last supper into the Garden of Getsemani till it was all over it was consummated so you will be completely taken up consumed with the preparation for the vigil Mass until it is consummated. I love you My Love.


My Love My son My All My Lamb everything I do with you is Prayer and everything you do with Me is Prayer.


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